...integrate music!


"In Transit ~ Detroit is set in the spirit and celebration of our diverse Detroit and how we can shine a light on inclusion through the performing arts."

~Sean Blackman

Sean Blackman

With each concert, a different culture's music and dance is integrated with Detroit's jazz, funk, electronic, rock and soul. 

We are committed to providing public platforms - that support international performers - both established and emerging artists - in comfortable and safe family atmospheres - that are well publicized - that encourage social awareness and dedication to equality - and is committed to the building of a culturally inclusive community. Come see and hear the best Detroit has to offer!

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“The audiences fill the dance floor… these world-fusion concerts are wonderfully vibrant, festive and fun for everyone!”   

~Sean Blackman

 VIDEO BY  Spearfish , photos by  Dori SUmte R

VIDEO BY Spearfish, photos by Dori SUmteR






In Transit Detroit AWARDS & RECOGNITION:

The World's Got Talent Award presented by The International Institute Of Metropolitan Detroit, 

for performance and contribution to Our Unique Global American Culture" 06.11.17. 


The Spirit Of Detroit Award. presented by the City Council of Detroit

Metro Detroit Cultural Leaders and in recognition of exceptional achievement, outstanding leadership and dedication to improving the quality of life ., 05.20.16.