I started making art as a young child, probably about 9 years old.... but never received a formal training in this field...
Now I work in just about all mediums: oil's, pastels, watercolor, spray paint.... my newest venture iS artistic welding" 


something very interesting that I've learned on the trip to Argentina was the tango etiquette...


this time-honored Argentine custom, is to make the invitation to dance less stressful and the possibility to decline more discrete. Essentially you can avoid receiving or having to say a harsh verbal "No". It spares everybody's feelings. 
The accepted way

Mirada” is looking at someones eyes to see if they would like to dance with you.... When you catch their eye, then you “Cabeceo” smile and nod, perhaps raising your eyebrows in an inquiring expression or directing a nod towards the dance floor. The response, if the invitation is accepted, is to smile and nod back, whereupon both people walk to the dance floor and dance. If you get the smile and nod response but the person does not catch your drift, you may additionally say: “shall we?”, or “would you like to dance?”. 
By the same token, if you try hard and are unable to catch a particular person’s eye, or if somebody averts their eyes as if they didn’t actually see you, it may be better not to verbally ask at this time. The person may actually refuse, or dance with you against his/her wish if they don’t have the heart to refuse. Better luck next time or with the next person. 
If you don't succeed in catching a person's eye and eliciting a smile, please don’t resort to tapping somebody’s shoulder or positioning yourself squarely in front of a person so they can’t avoid looking at you. It is considered very rude....

The three series of acrylics abstract is from photographs taken in Argentina on a tango trip with some friends., which was simply amazing... the tango clubs are open there till 6 in the morning... 

I started dancing about 7 years ago,. argentinean Tango stole my heart two years later.. .its such a strong and  passionate dance... In Buenos Aires and other parts of Argentina, tango is danced in a spectrum of individualistic or personal styles,.  I love to incorporate various styles and ideas into my  movements.


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