DORI SUMTER (photographer)

DORI SUMTER In Transit Detroit

what In Transit means to me?

:Dori Sumter:  Merriam-Webster defines a catalyst as: "an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action". Sean Blackman brings together artists from all over the world, from different belief systems, histories, ideologies, religions, ethnicities and many musical genres. He has created a space for pure collaborative creation to occur. In the process, life-long relationships are built based on mutual respect and honor. And this, my friends, is what world peace would look like. I will be here, documenting this through photography for posterity as long as I can.

In my work, you will see that I am taking more than a simple photograph.

My goal is to capture a moment that reveals the essence of a person.

Those magical moments of humor, joy,



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