[NOV 21 - NOV 27]

The US Department of Defense and the Air National Guard sent a military plane from Puerto Rico to Selfridge to pick up our cargo. We arrived in Puerto Rico yesterday... here are a couple pictures of us with the colonel and his staff. We’ll spend the day today creating packages to deliver to families this week  


Special Thanks to Lee Transportation for moving 34k of donated goods from Pontiac to Selfridge Air National Guard Base


This is the front of Javier’s house... and everyone’s house.

...and around back and sides of the house is all deep wet mud... it rains every day


In The Colonel's Office in San Juan, PR.


We had to sign on as US Air National Guard volunteers

In Transit Detroit Relief & Recovery Efforts for Puerto Rico

Special Thanks to EFAC and the US Air National Guard for your kindness and the special attention that was given to support and complete our mission in Puerto Rico


After days of rationing the goods and hand-delivering them to families we spent the last half of our trip cutting trees off of people's homes and moving logs out to the curb.