Eduardo Villalba & Bella

Eduardo Villalba

Eduardo Villalba

is an Argentinian born tango teacher from Chicago. Eduardo started dancing tango when he was 14 and by age 16 was performing on the streets of la Boca. Since then he danced in such iconic Buenos Aires places like San Telmo, Cafe Tortoni, Theater de la Clark, Bar Sur and performed in a Tango Wind show.

Eduardo immigrated to the United States in 2008 at the age of 24 and has been teaching and performing in Chicago and all over US ever since. His dedication to the true spirit of tango and tango salon technique characterize his teaching style. The style of elegance, passion and true connection. Eduardo has partnered with several prominent tango dancers to deliver workshops across the US. 


FACEBOOK: Eduardo Villalba

Asiyat Magomaeva

Asiyat found tango when she moved to the United States from Russia and

instantly fell in love with its quiet strength and beauty.

She spent several years taking classes, traveling to festivals and Argentina to learn secrets of Argentinian tango. She is currently dancing and teaching with Eduardo in Chicago. 


Facebook:  Bella