Guillermo Moreno & Mae Armen


Guillermo Moreno

Guillermo has been dancing tango for about 20 yrs. during this time he has developed a

fluid, sensual, graceful and charismatic style

that combine the traditional classic tango salon with interesting and dynamic features of tango nuevo. Guillermo has been teaching tango for about seven years - focusing on technique based on a sensitive connection between the couples with musicality as a frame. During workshops, he incorporates useful dance exercises to complement better body language. He uses technique to supply necessary energy to harmonize dance movements. Guillermo has been taking workshops with Mariano (chicho) Frumboli, Sebastian Arce, Horacio Godoy, Roberto Herrera, Pablo Veron, Alejandra Mantinan, Susana Miller, and Guillermina Quiroga. Learning from "los maestros" the best Argentine Tango technique.




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An independent instructor at Birmingham tango


Mae Kalla Armeni

My name is Maesam but every one knows me by Mae. I was born in Iraq, been in the states for 26 years. My nationality is Chaldean but Most people think I'm From a Latin heritage and always speak to me in Spanish, I love the idea and hope one day I will speak Spanish. I have one lucky husband and two beautiful children who accompany me to every lesson and practice and have caught them trying some cool moves.
My dance background started 15 years ago while watching a movie called dance with me, It inspired me so much that from that moment I have never stoped dancing. I started with salsa dancing at the clubs, then learning ballroom at Arthur Murray and now for the past 3 years have fallen in love with tango. Tango to me is the opposite of all that I've known from the beginning,

it's a passion that only ones soul knows and needs at a perfect time that it's ready to receive it. I

t's funny to think I can dance with Strangers so close yet feel so bonded with them, like we've known each other for long time. It's a frustrating dance though, similar to marriage. You know you love it but hate how hard you have to work at it to make it be what it's suppose to be and feel. You forget why you fell in love from the first place sometimes til you have that one dance that takes your breath away. It needs time, patience, and heart, otherwise you will be divorced from it and sad without it.

My friend Yelena Vais inspired me to want to learn tango and my dear friend Randy fisher was my very first instructor and mentor in my journey

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