Yazhi Guo, photo source:  TheBostonGlobe

Yazhi Guo, photo source: TheBostonGlobe

2012 Hong Kong Award for Best Artist winner (Music)
In Asia, he was widely known as “THE” best Suona player.
As one of the most outstanding players in the orchestra. Yazhi has attended many important performances on behalf of the orchestra. Yazhi is a versatile and charismatic player. Apart from the Suona, he can also play more than ten instruments, including guanzi, sheng, piccolo, flute, ocarina, cucurbit flute, didgeridoo, saxophone and even ‘leaf’.
Yazhi is currently studying Jazz music in Boston. He is also contracted soloist with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra (HKCO), and Chairman of the Hong Kong Suona Association. He is employed by the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a guest instructor, and is the examiner for the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. (via OnePoint.fm)